Domestic Violence

California law enforcement officials treat every accusation of domestic violence as a crime in progress. If someone in your household calls 911 claiming that you were abusive physically or emotionally, the police will be dispatched to your home. Depending on what they find or suspect, you can be arrested and charged with domestic violence. Even if your accuser changes their story, you can still be booked on a domestic violence charge.

At the law offices of the Oakland criminal lawyer, we believe in working quickly and efficiently to evaluate every domestic violence case. Clients should note that California has a “great bodily injury” enhancement—the greater the degree of violence, the greater the punishment.

If a crime is particularly violent, it can be charged as a felony domestic violence crime. The consequences of being convicted of such a charge are expansive and life-changing. If convicted, you will be sentenced to time in prison. You could lose custody of your children, be forbidden to possess a firearm, be subject to warrantless search and seizure, as well as many other consequences. If you are a law enforcement official, you risk losing your job.

If you are accused of domestic violence, appoint the Oakland criminal defense attorney possible to either get your charges dismissed, or negotiate with the prosecution for the lightest sentence possible.

A conviction for domestic violence will result in a year in county jail and a fine. Even if you have an otherwise perfect criminal record, contact the law offices of the Oakland criminal lawyer to discuss your domestic violence case.