Computer Crime

The new millennium has brought about a sudden burst of computer crimes and computer crime convictions. Investigators and law enforcement agencies are becoming increasingly savvy in their techniques in catching computer criminals. If you have been arrested for a computer crime in the Oakland area, contact the Oakland criminal lawyer today.

A computer crime could take a variety of forms:

People often feel that they are “invisible” behind a computer screen, but the truth is the exact opposite. In fact, a person is more likely to get away with a face-to-face crime than a computer crime. This is due to a number of tracking factors such as IP addresses, or the address unique to every individual computer. Make a credible threat using your home computer and the next knock on your door could quite possibly be the police with a warrant for your arrest.

In some cases, computer crimes are committed without the full knowledge of the offender. Those tech savvy offenders actually guilty of child pornography sometimes use the hardware of other computers to cover up their tracks. A client could find that they are being investigated on suspicion of child pornography, when they have never even sought out such materials. Juveniles are also oftentimes guilty of innocent computer crimes such as illegal sharing of intellectual property or piracy.

No matter what type of computer crime charge you are facing, the Oakland criminal attorney can help. There are a variety of defenses for computer crimes cases—contact our legal defense firm to discuss your case today.